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Films Written and Directed by Jane Rosemont

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Pie Lady of Pie Town

Pie Lady of Pie Town, narrated by veteran actor Wes Studi, has won 18 film festival awards in many categories including best short film, best director, and best music.

The documentary tells how Kathy Knapp left her privileged life to bake pie in a remote town with no motel, no traffic light, no gas station, and no grocery store.

Watch how Kathy discovers that pie equals love in the Old West.


An old woman, recognizing her limitations and mortality, creates offspring from a lifetime of memories. The progeny are deeply flawed, but she could not be more proud. With the feel of an old Twilight Zone episode, this short story has twists and turns and a startling end. Award winning Apotheosis has screened at film festival across the USA and in Europe.


Speak softly and wear a loud shirt! See Dick juggle potatoes, wrestle with balloon animals, 

crush cans, and engage in screwball comedy antics in this colorful short-short film. Click 

Shirts! to watch film.

Acting Like 
Nothing is Wrong

Acting Like Nothing is Wrong premiered in Los Angeles in October, 2022. It is now in the film festival circuit.

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