Dick & Jane at the Salton Sea, Part 1 1/2

After enjoying lunch at the Ski Inn, and enjoy it we did (the fish 'n' chips were not the Bombay Beach Tilapia Special) we left the area, returning to our Motel 6 in Palm Springs. The next morning friends from Orange County came to stay for a couple days, and we returned to the Sea to resume our escapades. Ahead of us was an excursion to Salvation Mountain, Slab City, and East Jesus. Details of those equally quirky explorations coming soon.

On the way, we took Jeff and Judy to the Ski Inn because it was just too good not to share. We all ordered fish 'n' chips and wandered around the bar and cafe, looking at the oddities and chatting again with proprietor Wendell.

Dick documented that I was really there, Judy was pleased to see a bill with her name on it, and I made a short video of the bar without realizing how oblivious my friends were.

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