Oil and Water Do Mix, With Sara

Looking for images buried deep in my hard drive, I often get distracted by other images along the way. For that reason I rarely get to the depths, where I hope to find hidden treasures, but often come away with something new. Today I stumbled across an abstract image of oil and water inspired by an article from the Photojojo website. The hint of color is from a photograph placed 18" beneath the glass/oil/water. The image was never meant to be seen as-is, but I liked the suggestion of light and dark it provided.

Doll images are never far away, so for fun I nabbed two never utilized in a photo before. After deciding bubble placement for them and no, I have not named them yet but suggestions are always welcome, I realized the left side needed a larger element. Ah, Sara would be up for the job! She is one of the dolls who appears in my film Apotheosis. There is something stately about her odd shape. Is she intruding? Protecting?

Here are the before-and-after images, but I have a feeling that in the next few weeks other dolls will come and go into these bubbles. What will the final image be? Maybe Sara knows.

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