Cat Whiskers and the Sea Urchin

When I lived in Michigan, and Zoot and Kubaba were young and healthy, I often found cat whiskers throughout the house. One friend said it meant good luck. If that is so, I had good luck aplenty. Another source said you should leave a found whisker next to a bowl of milk and honey on a moonlight night. “In the twinkling of an eye, between one blink and the next, it will vanish; gathered by the fairy-folk to sow foxglove coats and caps, and buttercup belts and boots.” No matter how much I appreciate a nice buttercup belt, I wasn’t willing to share and instead put those whiskers on the shelf of an antique fireplace mantle in my bedroom. When the sea urchin came into my life, it was without much

Oil and Water Do Mix, With Sara

Looking for images buried deep in my hard drive, I often get distracted by other images along the way. For that reason I rarely get to the depths, where I hope to find hidden treasures, but often come away with something new. Today I stumbled across an abstract image of oil and water inspired by an article from the Photojojo website. The hint of color is from a photograph placed 18" beneath the glass/oil/water. The image was never meant to be seen as-is, but I liked the suggestion of light and dark it provided. Doll images are never far away, so for fun I nabbed two never utilized in a photo before. After deciding bubble placement for them and no, I have not named them yet but suggestions ar

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