Crushing a can is easy. Balloon inflation, not so much.

With open arms and a retro cinema marquee, we met with our production team from Small Town Moon to organize our shot list, prop needs, and other logistics for the Shirts! shoot. Seth Fuller and Scott Hussion scored the prefect place to film, a large photographer’s studio with the essentials: high ceiling, cement floor, white wall, and a bathroom. They will bring all the heavy duty gear. My own list of props to provide is long, but includes mostly small, disparate items such as a deck of cards, five Idaho potatoes, one vinyl album, six crushable cans, Mom's white plates, etc. Speaking of cans, we held a brief rehearsal wherein subject of the film, Dick Rosemont, crushed a can. Quick, easy, no

Shooting a Short-Short

It has been a long time since I've been able to travel for the sole purpose of taking photographs. Our elderly kitty, Kubaba, needed medications; we increasingly felt uncomfortable leaving her even with trusted friends. I did make it to a number of film festivals where Pie Lady of Pie Town was screening, and there were those two unexpected family funerals in 2016...sigh... So when Kubaba scampered off to the Kitty Playground in the Sky last month, (it was peaceful and we were with her) a comforting thought was that we could finally get away. Time to plan a road trip! And I knew just where I wanted to go. In fact, I'd been planning it all along, doing research, exploring maps, blogs, and phot

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